Friday, June 22, 2012

Popular Yet Poisonous Foods?

Today I stumbled upon an interesting article from Shave Magazine--5 Food Favorites That Secretly Kill You! Its contents are as shocking as its title.

Hot Dogs, Peppers, Potato Chips, Salads and Soft Drinks are identified by the article as the five food favorites that way beyond being unhealthy. They are poisonous! I never expected to see peppers and salads on this list. I have always thought of salads as a healthy and convenient food option.

According to the article, lefty greens in salads are a common source of E. coli bacterium, which can be dangerous enough to kill a person. Peppers are high in Capsaicin, a chemical that can lead to cancer and death. Sounds scary, doesn't it?

I like this article because it teaches me something new. It won't stop me from eating salads and peppers, but I'll certainly be more cautious about quantity and quality next time I cook or eat them.

Shave Magazine covers topics related to various aspects of life. Go check it out!