Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome to My New Blog!

If you got here from my main blog icefairy's Treasure Chest, then you probably know what I love to blog about--freebies, contests, sweepstakes and giveaways. Why do you need a second blog, you may ask? How is it going to be different from your first one? Well, there are so many interesting things I want to share with you. But as icefairy's Treasure Chest is preoccupied with sponsored product reviews and giveaways, I feel the need to create a distinctive space for stuff that don't fit in that blog well. I've tried various fun activities to keep myself busy and earn some extra dimes. In the process, I built several private lists of the best sites for each activity. And I'd love to share them with you and to save you time compiling your own. That's why I name this blog: icefairy's A-List. Hope you'll enjoy reading this blog. Please show me some comment love if you find the lists useful:) Keep your eyes peeled for what's coming up soon.

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